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The company provides training and instruction in English language, computer science, technology and management sciences, as well as the establishment and management of schools and the operation and maintenance of computer programs from the installation of networks, infrastructure, communication systems, call centers, technical support and operation of public utilities.

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Al Khaleej Group was established in 1992 as a limited liability company under the name of Al Khaleej Training and Electronic Industries Company under Commercial Registration No. 1010103367 with a capital of SR 1 million.

It is owned by Al-Khaleej Computer and Electronic Equipment Company and Al-Walid Al-Duraian.

Then raised its capital in 1997 to three million riyals. And then turned into a Saudi joint stock company on 19/12/2006 and raised the capital to eighty million riyals.






Date of Establishment

29/5/1413, corresponding to 25 November 1992

End of fiscal year

Date Listing
28/11/1427 corresponding to 19/2/2006

[Abdullah Al Basri & Co. for Accounting – Department]

International Code

Number of Employees
4200 employees.
Company code 4290



AlKhaleej Training